Like all material that is not made at solid gold the chains will eventually lode with time. We all want our favorite pieces to last Forever, but let’s be real, the only way that will happen is buying solid Gold.

At Oh Paris Lookbook we care a lot about quality and it’s one of our most important key values. The materials and the gold plating we use is at the highest quality in the market. Our Stainless steel pieces especially are very durable Against tarnish and fading many at our customers can wear our Jewelry to up to 2 years before any significant color change starts to show ( different base metals will vary )

Oh Paris Lookbook can however not guarantee any time limit for hour long an item will last as it’s really up to each individual person and depending on how you care for it. Gold Plated in general simply means there is a thin layer of real gold on top at whatever base material is used in theory it’s similar too costume jewelry, however the lite length on Gold Plated jewelry is much longer than costume jewelry you buy from most retail stores

The rate at which things tarnish will vary depending on the amount at exposure to hot weather, water and your body chemistry: how acidic it is and how much you sweat etc.

Final Tip: Our jewelry will last longer it kept away from water, humid weather conditions and by not laying in direct sunlight to several hours.