Wearing jewellery is 1% about how it looks, and 99% how it makes you feel. We never had the confidence to wear extravagant jewellery, but we eventually realised it wasn’t confidence that was the issue. 

We just couldn’t find jewellery that suited our style. Everything seemed over the top, other brands we’re either too bulky, too flashy, or (and most commonly) way out of our price range. 

Whenever we did pluck up enough courage to rock some jewellery we were ridiculed by friends and family.

Looking back now, this was probably fair (the jewellery was over-the-top) but it lit a fire inside of us to find the perfect jewellery that embodies the aura of timeless style, yet with a dash of simplicity. 

This (failed) search for jewellery that suited our style eventually left us extremely frustrated, and so Oh Paris Lookbook|   was born.

It’s hard to describe the feeling we got when we slipped on the very first PARIS GEMS chain, but it’s one we won’t ever forget.

An aura of confidence, a splash of (positive) arrogance and perhaps most importantly, a feeling that we were finally truly comfortable in our own style for the first time pretty much ever.  

It’s a feeling we hope you can one day experience. 

Oh Paris Lookbook| Co-Founders